________  Kobe Beef

In 2021, Rokuseki becomes the first restaurant in Galicia and the fifth in Spain, to serve certified Kobe beef. It follows the 150 restaurants outside Japan certified by the Kobe Beef Association, with license to sell Kobe beef.


Rokuseki Restaurante Yakiniku en Vigo
Certificado de autenticidad carne de Kobe


Kobe beef represents a small amount in terms of weight and an authentic luxury that the Japanese Government maintains as its biggest gastronomic treasure when it comes to meats.

Its aspect reminds of marble. The muscles of the meat are intermingled with fat streaks that dissolve once it’s cooked, giving the meat an incomparable flavour and tenderness.

__________  Rokuseki

Rokuseki was born with the objective of transmitting the freshness and naturalness of the Japanese gastronomy, a millenary cuisine characterised by its emphasis on quality, seasonal nature and magnificence.

Sit-down eating around the bar while you enjoy the authentic Yakiniku experience, Japanese barbecue, turned us into the first western restaurant of this characteristics.

Come and enjoy the most delicate Wagyu meats of the world: Kobe, Ozaki and Chilean Wagyu.


And experience that will allow you to grill the most delicious meat finely cut in small pieces so that you can roast it as you like, dress it if you want with the classic Japanese sauces and eat it with chopsticks.

An explosion of flavours and touches that will surprise you.