________  philosophy

The essence of Japanese gastronomy resides in its natural freshness. A millennial cuisine characterised by its emphasis on both quality and seasonal harmony that will astonish and radiate nature with every bite.  Founded on these magnificent references and adding a transgressive touch is how Rokuseki was born. A gastronomic space designed for you to enjoy the most delicate meat in the world in a truly distinctive manner: Yakiniku, the Japanese barbecue

__________  Rokuseki

Rokuseki means “6 seats” and was our original seating capacity when we first started out at the Progreso Market in Vigo in 2017. The first restaurant of its kind in the West began with the desire to transmit our roots by sharing an authentic Yakiniku experience that awakens the senses.


An experience that will allow you to grill the most delicious meat masterly cut in thin slices and morsels. All you need to do is grill it to your taste and season it with a selection of classic Japanese sauces. The chopsticks will deliver an explosion of nuanced flavours that will astound you.