Before coming to Rokuseki

So as to guarantee the best experience, we recommend that you read our reservation protocol and admission procedures before making a reservation. Thanks!
  • SIf you love meat this is the place for you! But if you do not eat meat or might be uncomfortable for whatever reason, we recommend you think twice before reserving a table.
  • We do not offer vegetarian or vegan menus.

booking a table

  • Reservations are exclusively online via the Rokuseki web.
  • We accept a minimum of 1 diner and a maximum of 2 diners except in the following shifts:
    1pm, 2.45pm, 8pm, 8:30pm and 10.15pm allow up to 4 diners per table.
  • We recommend that you make a reservation at least one week ahead to ensure you get a
  •  If you are running late you will only be allowed a 10 minute courtesy (maximum).
I confirm that my reservation is to eat Wagyu meat and side dishes.

I hereby understand and agree that my reservation books a 90 minute time frame.

I accept the conditions